Briga hits Ontario, Canada

What does it look like when Briga & the Band hits the road in the provice of Québec? Well… kinda like the pic you see above.

Now imagine them heading out to the province of Ontario. Pretty much the same idea, only this time Alix (dude to the left w/sunglasses) won’t be able “borrow” this blue minivan from another Montréal band and shamelessly put 800km on it like last time.

Nope, Briga & the Band will be repenting for their bad behaviour, honoring the environment, and taking advantage of Megabus’ seat sale to come out and play Toronto Thursday, October 13th…

When: Thursday, October 13th 2011
Where: Musideum (Q Music Studios) 401 Richmond Stree West Toronto (@ Spadina), ON
What time: doors at 7pm, show at 8pm
RSVP tickets @ $
Tickets at door: $15 (or barter down the price with Briga if you are a student or musician)

…And after that, Briga and the Band are off to the OCFF Showcase at Niagara, ON from October 14th – 16th. The new album Turbo Folk Stories will be tested there… only as a teaser since it won’t be officially released until the Spring of 2012. Stay tuned for album release and tour dates!

Briga & the Band don’t know when they’ll be able to come out to Ontario again… in this industry you live every day like it’s your last. Hope to see y’all there, and for those of you who are in Niagara,

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    I’ll remain coming to ur page in the near future. Many thanks ,Saul

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