mid tour adventures

Briga & the Band are in the middle of their summer tour, and we couldn’t stop ourselves from giving you an update on how things are going.


Yes: Tacfarinas is surviving Ramadan… surrounded by a bunch of infidels and pagan musicians who eat & drink in front of him. After a week of cultural insensitivity, the band has realized that breaking the fast together is a good way of eating together. Some band members have tried fasting a day or two with Tacfarinas, as an act of solidarity. And now for something completely different:  the men in the band have fallen for many Amazonian beauties while on the road. As for Briga? Well, she’s been hiding in her hotel room and unplugging the hotel phone. Why? Who knows!



But the best news is coming up…

After playing to a most receptive TD London Sunfest crowd in London, ON, Briga was awarded the Galaxie Rising Star Award.

Also, fRoots Magazine has included Turbo Folk Stories on their playlist for the summer!

wow! thank you everybody for your wonderful receptiveness! now Briga & the Band get ready for Vancouver Folk Fest.

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