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2013 has been a wonderful whirlwind for Briga.
After touring across Canada & the USA, and being awarded the 2013 Galaxie Rising Star Award, Briga & her band then went back to their hometown, Montréal – Canada, to track a new album.
Briga Small World
Titled “Wake”, Briga’s 3rd CD will be released in April 2014.
Written in honour of her dearly departed father, and tracked live with the band in 3 days, string arranger Tom Cohen came in a month later to track strings on top of Briga’s compositions. The result is a concept album that explores her father’s mysterious Polish/Jewish roots; delivered with a Turbo Folk edge, wrapped up in heavy Balkan & Morrocan grooves, and polished with lamenting judeo-arabic strings. Wake’s sound is a jem that lies somewhere between the everyday and the monumental.
Take a listen to some rough cuts:

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