in search of…

There is a time where one has to go back to searching.

@Negreni, Romania, doing business with Rrom, Romanians & Hungarians ‪#‎negrenifair‬ ‪#‎brigamusic‬ ‪#‎dioraracugoarne‬


Searching for what? It can be anything: from looking for soul food to finding the right instrument, from throwing in the towel to looking for the perfect jam mates, or from playing for money to playing for the sake of playing.

Briga on set with Théorie du K.O director Stéphane Lapointe :


These days, Briga searches. She travels around the world, plays her violin at gigs and impromptu parties, she makes new friends and cherishes their stories, and she searches for the true meaning of why one plays music.

Briga Tango
Yiddish tango project Tango Yona


We leave you with a few images and links to some of the amazing people Briga has been working with recently.

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