Briga’s music is a reflection of her fragmented identity.

She’s a creator, a composer, a producer, and a tastemaker…

She’s a violinist, multi-instrumentalist, and a vocalist…

Recipient of the Stingray Rising Star Award, and nominee at the Juno Awards,  Canadian Folk Music Awards and Québec’s ADISQ awards, her songs are half instrumental, half written in French and English, of which all are accompanied by her fervent violin firmly rooted in eastern European and Romani folk sounds learned from the days her father played the piano to put the children to sleep.

Briga Métropolis.

Her body of work includes four albums: Diaspora (2009), Turbo Folk Stories (2012), Wake (2014), and Femme (2017),  along with numerous performances across Canada, the United-States, Europe, and north Africa. Her unique sound is described as bringing a Balkan/Quebecois mash-up of music, delivered with a Turbo Folk edge, wrapped up in heavy grooves that drive her wailing violin and sweet voice.

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Everything else is just a question of interpretation.
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