Josh Keller of Global Arts Management

josh (at) globalarts (point) ca

+1 250 360 2406


 Booking in North America and UK

Matt Greenhill of FLiArtists 

general email info (at) FLiArtists (dot) com
phone +1.310.451.0767  fax +1.310.664.0767


Bookings (Quebec and Maritimes)

Popeline Delgado from the booking  Agency  Indie Montréal

email pomeline (at) indiemontreal (dot) ca


General information: 

Brigitte Dajczer

brigamusic (at) gmail (dot) com

+ 1 514 576 9301




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    • Hey George, glad you enjoyed the cd. We’re still working on getting San Francisco, would be great to hit up so cal … will keep you posted either way. Looking fwd to the review!

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