Bookings (Canada, Québec and France)

Pomeline Delgado from the booking  Agency  Indie Montréal

email pomeline (at) indiemontreal (dot) ca



Jon Weisz of Indie Montréal

email jweisz (at) indiemontreal (dot) ca


Bookings (USA) & General Information: 

Brigitte Dajczer

brigamusic (at) gmail (dot) com

+ 1 514 576 9301



4 Comments on “Contact

    • Hey George, glad you enjoyed the cd. We’re still working on getting San Francisco, would be great to hit up so cal … will keep you posted either way. Looking fwd to the review!

  1. We attended the Mill-Race Festival of Traditional Folk Music in August. I want to express my admiration for Briga. One of the sessions included another group. Only one person from the other group showed up, the rest apparently were unable to show due to food poisoning. Briga encouraged the young woman to describe and play her instrument, she then identified a song that her group has sung in the past that would blend with this instrument. She continued to encouraged her to improvise and join in with them throughout the session. Way to go….a true mentor and fine example of the Folk Music Culture. Her leadership provided for a wonderful session.

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